​Jerry Jones Blackmail: Compromising Photos Of Jerry Jones Released

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August 7, 2021

Jerry Jones may be a victim of blackmail after photographs show the Dallas Cowboys owner with two younger women.

According to The Inquisitr, Jerry Jones is in the blackmail photos as part of an alleged extortion plot. There are two pictures found online. One photos shows him in a bathroom standing behind a pretty young blond woman as he cups her breasts. The second one shows a young woman kneeling in front of Jones near the groin areas. The two pictures were originally posted on Twitter.

However, that’s not the bizarre part. They appeared in a rambling 20-page manifesto - entitled “Uncovering the Truth.” It was reportedly uploaded by a mysterious Dallas-based businessman, calling himself Frank Hoover, over the weekend. With the title “For: Jerry Jones,” it claims that the snaps were taken by another person in a bid to blackmail the billionaire.

The Jerry Jones blackmail photos were posted by the author of the document. He refers to numerology theories and calls himself the “Son of God.” Some people suggest that the images are fake.

In the rambling letter, Hoover alleges he got the photos from a group of people who conspired to blackmail the billionaire. Hoover wrote:

“I am the way, the truth and Jerry, you are my light … Son of God … So I gave my own life to save yours.”

As the “Son of God,” Hoover said, he was put on Earth to save Jones from danger. The business man said he had to move from Dallas to Wichita, Kansas, because unknown forces were out to kill him over his knowledge about the alleged plot against Jones. However, the self-professed savior made no mention of what the threat may be. Hoover wrote:

“I know this because I am the Son of God and he sent me to you. Jerry, possession giving the rest away to charity and then living poor.”

Prior to the Jerry Jones alleged blackmail attempt, Hoover said he’s been trying to reach out to Jones for years, through the owner’s lawyer, Levi McCathern.

According to Examiner, “A third picture shows the blond sitting on a toilet with a huge smile on her face.” What seems like harmless fun to most could be big trouble. We don’t know who took the photos.

The 71-year-old has not commented on the images, but may be pursuing legal action. Observers note that they could cause a scandal. Jones describes himself as a “family man” on the NFL team’s official website. He has been married to wife Gene for 50 years.

The couple have three adult children — sons Stephen and Jerry Jr. and a daughter Charlotte — who all work for the Cowboys company.

The Jerry Jones alleged blackmail attempt is quite unusual. Hoover claims that Jones’ attorney, Levi McCathern, failed his client and had the chance to prevent this by helping him. “I asked for nothing in return except a meeting with Jerry,” Hoover explained.