​Jerry ‘the King’ Lawler Cleared For Pro-Wrestling Ring​​

Jerry “the King” Lawler is now cleared to return to the ring on May 25. The pro wrestler had a heart attack in September during a live “Monday Night Raw” show.

The wrestler was clinically dead for almost five minutes before being resuscitated.

Lawler, 63, is to team up with Dory Funk Jr., 72, in a tag team match for the Bang wrestling promotion.

Lawler was commentating on a match in September when he passed out and began making snoring noises. He fellow commentator, Michael Cole, alerted a ringside doctor, who immediately began performing CPR. Lawler was carried backstage while the show was on the air, and it took almost five minutes for medical personnel to get his heart beating on its own again.

Lawler later had two stents put in the arteries around his heart, made a miraculous recovery and returned to “Monday Night Raw” two months later.
Last week, Lawler’s physician cleared him to return to the ring, something Lawler has said all along that he planned on doing.