​Jim Kelly’s Chemo Treatment For Cancer Gets Postponed​​

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April 1, 2021

Jim Kelly’s chemo treatment has been postponed, according to the family. On April 1, it was revealed that Jim Kelly had a fever, so doctors called off the treatment because the cancer were in areas which are inoperable.

Kelly will resume his scheduled treatment next Monday.

Jim Kelly’s Cancer

The Hall of Fame Quarterback has allowed the world to witness his battle with spreading jaw cancer via social media, pictures and videos shared by his wife, Jill. On Monday, CBS This Morning spoke with those closest to Kelly and Jim shared a video, thanking everyone for the overwhelming love.

Jim Kelly said, “I’m very humbled that so many people took the time to send well wishes, but more importantly the prayers, that’s what is going to get me thorough this. I have so many great people to thank, but I’d be here all day so on behalf of my family thank you so very much and don’t stop those prayers.”

Kelly did an interview with Sports Illustrated’s Peter King. The article was published Monday and it shed some light on the specifics of Kelly’s cancer. There are microscopic tumors in the infraorbital nerve located in the front of the face.

In the article, Kelly said, “If you hear I’m about to have surgery, then you know it is working. That’s the goal, but it won’t be an easy operation.”

Chemo Treatment

On Monday, Kelly will start his first round of chemo. What he’s facing so bravely potentially gives the thousands of cancer patients some hope. Kelly gives people who fight the disease a shining example of the mindset they should have, whatever the type of cancer and whatever the treatment.