​Johnny Manziel Hit Girlfriend? Colleen Crowley Claims Cleveland Browns QB Hit Her Twice In Car

Johnny Manziel Hit Girlfriend
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Oct, 21, 2015 | 12:22 PM

Did Johnny Manziel hit his girlfriend? A dash-camera video that was released by police doesn’t prove much, but it does prove that there was an argument that caused Colleen Crowley to throw the Cleveland Browns quarterback’s wallet out of the window, according to The Huffington Post.

Johnny Football was pulled over about 6 p.m. last Monday with Crowley, a student at TCU, in the car. They reportedly both had been drinking — though Manziel now denies he was — and after an argument ensued, he admits putting his hands on to his girlfriend.

To what extent, for what purpose or with what force or intent is unclear. There were no arrests or citations.

Johnny Manziel hit girlfriend, NFL investigating Browns quarterback.

Johnny Manziel hit girlfriend, NFL investigating Browns quarterback.

Johnny Manziel denies that he his his girlfriend, and the video showing the traffic stop doesn’t prove much. Crowley sounds upset as the NFL quarterback is led away to tell his side of the story.

The incident report said a witness saw a white Nissan speeding and a female passenger attempting to open the door. When the police arrived, the two were both outside the car, and he admitted they had been drinking downtown earlier in the day.

The report also says Crowley was crying and saying the high-drama quarterback hit her a couple of times, but she didn’t want any attention. Police also mentioned it could be considered a domestic dispute, because Crowley is living with him until she returns to TCU.

While neither of the two videos posted show Crowley making the claim that Manziel hit her, she is clearly agitated. When an officer asks her if she wants to sit in the back of the police cruiser, she can be heard whimpering, “No.”

Manziel is heard explaining at least the result of their argument, if not the root of it, saying Crowley first threw a wallet out the window — something she acknowledges in the report — and then after he brought the car to a halt, he tossed her cellphone out the window as well.

Dashcam Video

“She threw her wallet out of the window. I pulled over into this driveway right here and then told her you need to get out, turn around and look for my wallet,” Johnny can be heard saying. “After that happened, she threw her phone out the window, and I grabbed her arm like this, ‘Hey, get in the car, get in the car, let’s go home. I’ll come back and find this later.'”

The report states Manziel stopped the car in an Avon neighborhood and the couple resumed their argument. At that point, a second witness who saw Johnny and Colleen called police.

“I don’t want to say anything today,” Cleveland Browns coach Mike Pettine said Sunday. “We’re just coming off the heels of a game. I’ve got guys in that locker room that just played their tails off and came up short. We’ll have plenty of time during the week to talk about it.”

The NFL is investigating the incident. Do you think Johnny Manzeil hit his girlfriend?

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