​Josh Hamilton’s Wife Calls Field Security On Fans​​

Josh Hamilton’s former fans have prompted the Los Angeles Angels’ wife, Katie Hamilton to call stadium security Friday during the Texas Rangers’ home opener.

Josh Hamilton's Wife

Katie and her kids remained seated during the entire game, but with two security guards present during the entire game. There were no ejections, the Rangers said.

“She had to call security just because people were getting ugly,” Josh Hamilton said prior to Saturday’s game. “It’s cool to get ragged on about normal things, but when you get a little swearing and jawing back at Katie, and saying inappropriate things, it’s a little different story.

“They were saying personal stuff, stuff that was inappropriate with kids around. It’s a good lesson for the kids, just about people in general, and not putting faith in them, but the man upstairs.”

Security won’t be an issue for Saturday’s game, the Rangers said, with plans to provide a suite for the Hamilton family.

Hamilton, in his first game since leaving the Rangers and signing a five-year, $125 million contract with the Angels, was vociferously booed and taunted during the game by the sellout crowd.

Hamilton said he was upset with the taunts, but was grateful that it didn’t appear to upset his kids.