​Kevin Durant Smoking: What ‘stuff’ was Durant smoking?​​

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January 12, 2021
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Kevin Durant has disappointed his fans after a picture of him smoking hookah has surfaced on Jan. 11, via the Internet. Durant, whose public identity has always been clean, may be tarnished forever.

Kevin Durant seen smoking hookah on Jan. 11

There’s nothing inherently wrong with Durant smoking hookah, which is most commonly filled with tobacco, a legal substance for adults like him. However, such high-profile athletes with so many endorsements don’t generally make a habit of displaying their drug use, even when it’s legal. Some people don’t want their kids exposed to that, and they could always respond by avoiding products endorsed by the celebrity.

Durant also presents himself as a perfect competitor, even though that’s as much a myth about him as it is for anyone else with the label. Nobody can devote 100 percent of their life to competing, and Durant doing something that could lower his lung capacity — and adversely affect his on-court performance, even if by the smallest degree — is proof. Durant is as relentless as they come, but that doesn’t mean he completely lacks vices.

If there’s a scandal here, it’s that you saw the picture, not that the events it captured happened. And in that scandal, Durant is the victim.