​Lin’s Harden Impersonation Gets Instagram Contest Laughs​​

Jeremy Lin’s appreciation week went great after posting a split photo of himself doing his best James Harden and Chandler Parsons impersonation.

It all happened when he hosted the week to thank the Houston Rockets faithful for supporting the team, and last week just happened to be the “Instagram Impersonation Contest.”

Lin tossed on a fake black beard while doing the Rockets star celebratory hand sign, and Parsons’ impression had the point guard donning his signature Mohawk while posing for the camera. Now we wait for Harden and Parsons to reply with their best Lin impression.

Fans who participated in the Instagram and Houston Rockets artwork contests won T-shirts and autographed posters of the point guard. Lin expressed his appreciation for fan contributions.

“Thanks everyone for your participating and amazing/hilarious submissions! You guys are definitely very creative and had a lot of fun with it!”

The multiple-choice quiz featured questions about Lin’s family, his favorite foods and video games, pet peeves, and pastimes.

Lin had a sense of humor about the quiz - one question highlighted the fact that the NBA player sucked his thumb until age eleven, and Lin joked that his biggest pet peeve is when bicycle riders bike slowly in the street.

“Just got a headache looking through all the submissions…all I see is A B C D when I close my eyes [laughs out loud],” Lin said. The first person who answered correctly won a pair of shoes signed by the point guard.