​Liz Hurley Spat Turns Ugly With Reporter​​

Liz Hurley turned on a female reporter in a spat that will be remembered by the Australian press for a long time to come, after she turned on a female reporter for asking questions at her sports star fiancé Shane Warne at the airport.

It was an ugly seen, to say it lightly, as the couple were making their way to a flight and were bombarded with questions about his Melbourne Stars team lost to rivals Perth Scorcher when TV journalist Caty Price tried to quiz Warne about the defeat.

“Oh gracious me, do you always stand right in the middle of people?” Hurley asked as she stormed up to the reporter and ran over her heels with her suitcase.

Price then asked Hurley, “How do you feel about last night’s game Liz?” prompting her to swing round in a spat to say “I feel that you should f**k off.”

Hurley kept a smile on for the cameras as if everything was great as Warne remained quiet and walking towards his flight.

Warne may have his reasons to keep his silence after getting banned for one game for a field offense. This was an incident that the reporter could have mentioned on camera, but never brought it up. He was fined and suspended after an altercation with Marlon Samuels during a Big Bash League match.

Warne was already on notice after a slow over-rate violation earlier this season. To avoid a second strike and possible suspension for a Big Bash finals match, the squad made James Faulkner the captain for Wednesday’s semifinals instead.

Most people who have seen the video of the spat between Hurley and the reporter feel the British actress was way out of line.

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