Lozada Ochocinco Wedding – Evelyn Lozada is postponing her wedding with Chad Ochocinco because of cheating allegations. The NFL wide receiver was seen with other women in recent weeks while the “Basketball Wives” reality star has been making plans for their special day.

According to TMZ, she confronted the pro football player after suspecting him of cheating with other women, afterwards she put a stop to the wedding.

There was also a reality show filmed for VH1, on the couple’s lives as they prepared to get married, but was also put to a halt before airing later in the month, by Lozada.

The wedding was set to take place this summer and there has been no official word that the plans have been completely canceled, but it doesn’t look good.

Ochocinco, who loves to talk on his Twitter account, and is where he actually became acquainted with Lozada as they got into a disagreement on the social networking site, tweeted to fans recently that he and Lozado were still together.

When questioned by one fan via Twitter on Thursday about the alleged rumor Ochocinco responded, “Broke a lamp or headboard? Not a chance in hell kind madam.”

Evelyn Lozado herself has actually not ever been a basketball wife per se, but she was with NBA player Antoine Walker for 10 years before breaking off wedding plans with him. Will the same thing happen with Chad Ochocinco?