​Megan Welter Scratches Boyfriend, Arrested​​

By: | 08/02/2021 07:35 PM ET

Megan Welter has been arrested for assault after she hit and scratched her boyfriend after an argument over a test message. Welter, an Iraq war veteran turned cheerleader for the Arizona Cardinals, is still being held.

Megan Welter Arrested

The NFL cheerleader called police for help getting her professional fighter boyfriend to leave her home after the couple argued about a flirty text message he had sent to an ex-girlfriend.

When police arrived at her home however, it was Welter who was arrested after cell phone footage recorded by her boyfriend showed the 29-year-old cheerleader hitting and scratching him and yelling: “Who is she?” as he pleaded with her to stop.

The argument began in the early hours of Saturday, July 20, after the couple went out drinking to celebrate Welter’s birthday. In the 911 call, Welter claimed she was choked and had her head smashed on a ceramic tile floor.

“I’m a NFL cheerleader,” she told the 911 operator, before her voice trails off.

Her boyfriend, Ryan McMahon, told police Welter thought he resented her after she aborted their baby against his wishes a month earlier.

When the couple, who have been dating for about six months, returned to Welter’s home, they started to argue about a text message the boyfriend had sent.

As he was questioned by police outside Welter’s home, he explained he had sent a jokey text to an ex-girlfriend who had sent him a picture of a dog. He replied with a message that read: “Are you trying to turn me on with a girl dog?”

In footage police filmed as they interviewed him outside the house, he held out his phone and told them repeatedly that he filmed the attack, as he denied harming Welter.

In the footage he recorded, Welter can be heard demanding: “Who is she? Who is she?” as she scratched him and pulled his hair while he quietly asked her to stop and let him leave.

In the 911 call Welter, who spent 16 months serving her county and leading a platoon in Iraq, claimed that her boyfriend had choked her until she went dizzy, “smashed [her] head into a tile” and was refusing to leave the house.

When police spoke to her though they said there was no evidence of bruising or marks on her. Her boyfriend however, was found to have scratches on his arms, chest and shoulder.

His credit card and ID were also found cut up on the kitchen table.

According to the police report, Welter admitted to police that she had destroyed them, adding: “I fully admit to it and I know I shouldn’t