Michael Vick Pit Bull Dog ‘Ellen’ Dies

06/21/2012 05:26 PM ET

Philadelphia Eagles quarterback Michael Vick has made a fast recovery, but not one of his dogs, named Ellen, because she was euthanized last weekend after suffering from an illness that caused her to lose weight rapidly.

Ellen was considered one of the biggest success stories among the Vick pit bulls. Soon after the dogs were seized from Vick’s property in 2007, some experts from the Best Friends Animal Society said Ellen and other dogs that were struggling would be better off dead because they had a small chance of living normal lives.

But after several months at Best Friends, Ellen was regarded by people there as one of the friendliest dogs at the sanctuary.

Vick pleaded guilty to conspiracy charges related to his sponsorship of a large dog-fighting ring — he admitted in 2007 to setting up the ring, stocking the kennel with trained pit bulls, traveling to other states for dog fights, and “destroying or otherwise disposing of dogs not selected to stay with the ongoing animal fighting venture.” He went to prison and declared bankruptcy.

Vick is getting married at the Fountainebleau June 30 to the woman he proposed to shortly before he went to prison for murdering dogs.

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