​Michelle Kwan Dress Looked Amazing At Rhode Island Wedding​​

Michelle Kwan was married and talked about the famous wedding dress she wore, made by Vera Wang, in a grown that left everyone surprised. In fact, the figure skating champion invited just 250 guests to the ceremony in Rhode Island.

“I wore so many skating dresses designed by her, whole skating shows and everything,” Kwan told People. “I have a long relationship with her.”

Kwan, 32, married Clay Pell, 31, on Saturday in Providence, R.I. Pell, grandson of late U.S. Senator Claiborne Pell, works on the national security staff at the White House. Kwan, meanwhile, is a public policy envoy with the Department of State.

“She is marrying someone whose family has a political history, and Michelle is living and working in Washington, D.C.,” Wang said. “[The dress] had to have a certain dignity and a certain classicism, and I think it was a lot about a new way of looking at tradition.”

“The fact that it’s got an inordinate amount of handwork in terms of lace is really a tribute to the art of hand-piecing lace,” Wang added. “There is a princess-slash-queenly level of sophistication and quiet without sacrificing a lot of detail.”

In 2009, Kwan was honored by the Los Angeles Chinese Historical Society of Southern California in “Celebrating Chinese Americans in Sports”. In 2011, she was added to the board of the Special Olympics.

Kwan is the sole inductee for the 2012 United States Figure Skating Hall of Fame. She is also the sole inductee for the 2012 World Figure Skating Hall of Fame.

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