Mike Tyson Estranged Wife And Brad Pitt Caught In Bed

By: | 12/04/2021 07:15 PM ET

Mike Tyson, former heavy weight champ, is still talking about the time he walked in on his estranged wife Robin Givens and actor Brad Pitt, while they were having sex.

Back in April Tyson appeared on the Conan O’Brien show and told the audience about how he was about to sign divorce papers with Givens and went to their home and found her already with Pitt.

At the time, Tyson explained that he had tried to have sex with Givens one more time before finalizing the divorce, but when he went to the home, she pulled up with a then not so famous Pitt, and it ruined his chances.

Tyson had explained Pitt as some beach-bum looking dude that was probably selling his body for money and was very pretty.

Now Tyson is telling Yahoo Sports that he actually walked in on Pitt and Givens having sex themselves instead of confronting them in the driveway.

“I guess Brad got there earlier than I did… I was getting a divorce, I was going to my lawyer’s office… but I wanted to sneak in a quickie… Before I would go to my lawyer’s office to say she’s a pig… I would go to her house and have sex with her. This particular day someone beat me to the punch,” Tyson explained.

Tyson then says that he is no longer mad at Pitt and he hopes he doesn’t think that. “I hope Brad don’t think I’m mad at him… I was mad as hell (at the time). You should have saw his face when he saw me!”

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