NFL Admits Mistake In Sunday’s Redskins-Panthers Game

By: , NewsOXY Reporter
11/06/2021 08:29 AM ET

The NFL admits that it made a mistake, one that put the Washington Redskins at 3-6 after a 21-14 loss to the Carolina Panthers, and there was a lot of fallout regarding Mike Shanahan’s postgame comments.

It happened with 24 seconds left in the first quarter. Down 3-0, the Panthers had driven down to the Washington 30-yard line from their own 31, and Williams was off to the races. There was only one problem — like judge Thomas Symonette inadvertently blew his whistle at the 17-yard line, right about the time Williams was close to going out of bounds. Redskins linebacker Perry Riley later said that he would have pushed Williams out of bounds had he not heard the whistle. On the video above, you can clearly hear the whistle.

Referee Carl Cheffers said after the game that the officiating crew decided that Williams was already in the end zone when the whistle was blown, which doesn’t make a lot of sense. The officials huddled for a conference on the field before awarding the touchdown to the Panthers.

On Monday, the NFL clarified what should have happened in a statement.

“By rule, Carolina should have been given a choice of putting the ball in play where Williams was ruled to have stepped out of bounds — first and 10 from the Washington 17- or replaying the down — first and 10 from the Washington 30,” the league said.

Shanahan, under enough fire already for a disappointing season and the fallout form he statements he made after the loss, was terse when asked about it during his Monday press conference.

“They had to admit that, even if they didn’t want to,” Shanahan said. “I didn’t know it was that bad until I looked at the film, but yeah … that was an obvious mistake.”

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NFL Admits Mistake In Sunday’s Redskins-Panthers Game

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