​NFL Bane Mask Ban: Controversial Ban For Custom Mask​​

August 15, 2021 | 7:05 am

The NFL told Indianapolis Colts defensive end Robert Mathis that his custom bane mask would not be permitted and now faces a ban, according to league spokesperson Brian McCarthy. The NFL is also looking into other possible violators.

NFL Bane Mask Ban

Stephen Bowen might find himself another casualty of the ruling. According to the McCarthy e-mail, a player would need to provide a medical reason why his custom facemask was a necessity. “Because I want to look awesome” doesn’t count.

Brian Orakpo, who originally wore a bane mask with the Tennessee Titans says he’s working on an appeal.

Custom facemasks have become all the rage in the NFL, a trend that began in popularity when Justin Tuck of the New York Giants debuted what has become known as the “Bane” facemask.

The “Bane” name is derived from the villain in the Batman inspired movie, The Dark Knight Rises who wears a similar styled mask, but he’s going to be one of the select few still wearing such after the NFL issued a ban on the mask today.

Fortunately, for some players, like the aforementioned Tuck along with Chris Canty, they’ll still be able to rock the custom masks as they filed a petition with the NFL citing the reason they need to wear the mask was for ‘health’ reasons, something the NFL shockingly agreed upon.

For others though, say like Darnell Dockett of the Arizona Cardinals and the Dallas Cowboys DeMarcus Ware, they will be forced to wear a new style of facemask come the season opener.