​Odin Lloyd Text Before Murder - Read Text​​

By: | 06/27/2013 10:04 PM ET

Odin Lloyd sent text messages that played a big role in authorities arresting former New England Patriots Aaron Hernandez. He was found dead about a mile from Hernandez’s home in a case that brings murder charges against the former NFL player.

Aaron Hernandez Arrested, Odin Lloyd Text

Cell phone records and surveillance cameras established a timeline law enforcement used to build their case against the football star. Hernandez entered a not guilty plea during his arraignment.

AP reported that text messages placed Lloyd in the company of Hernandez right before his death.

Lloyd said in a message with his sister about 3:07 a.m. on June 17. “Who?” she replied.

Lloyd texted back at 3:23 a.m., “NFL,” he texted back, then added: “Just so you know.”

Prosecutor Bill McCauley said authorities believe that Lloyd was shot shortly after that text early June 17 near Hernandez’s house. McCauley said Hernandez, Lloyd and two friends Hernandez had texted earlier, were all together that night.

McCauley said cell phone tower records and Hernandez’s own surveillance system placed Hernandez and his friends entering his home shortly after workers in a nearby industrial complex heard gunshots.

McCauley said security cameras showed Hernandez with a weapon before the shooting.

Hernandez was transported by police to his arraignment at Attleboro District Court and arrived at the courthouse Wednesday where he was denied bail. A hearing was held Thursday as Hernandez’s attorney Michael Fee asked the judge to reconsider that decision.

“It is at bottom a circumstantial case. It is not a strong case,” Fee said during Wednesday’s hearing.

The New England Patriots cut Hernandez shortly after he was arrested on Wednesday.

The 2011 Pro Bowl selection signed a five-year contract last summer worth $40 million.