​One-Handed Fighter: Nick Newell Defies Fighter Odds​​

August 12, 2021 | 2:51 pm

A one-handed martial arts fighter is currently undefeated as a professional, as Nick Newell is defying the odds and finding more believers with each match. This fighter is 10-0 after winning his match against Keon Caldwell.

One-Handed Fighter

“I had a bunch of ways I thought I would beat him and this was one of them,” Newell said in a post-fight interview. He has won all but one of his fights by either knockout or submission.

Newell, 27, was born missing a left hand. His arm ending just below his elbow, Newell has refused to let it define him.

In the Caldwell fight, Newell forced the seasoned pro to tap out only 2:07 into the first round with a choke hold.

Seemingly having a great advantage over the one-handed Newell, Caldwell was put to the test against Newell before succumbing to the one-handed fighter’s deft takedowns and gritty determination. Newell dropped him to the mat on multiple occasions before applying the winning choke-hold by using his less-defined left arm as leverage while clenching it with his right hand.

“I came out there to put on a good show,” Newell said after the match. “He was a lot quicker and stronger than I thought he’d be.”

The 155-pound congenital amputee earned a berth in World Series of Fighting’s lightweight tournament. He was the lightweight champion at Xtreme Fighting Championship, which he left for WSOF earlier this year.

An all-state high school wrestler in Connecticut, Newell holds the state record with 53 wins.

Newell has his sights set on joining UFC, the most lucrative MMA organization.

The inspiring fighter told ESPN earlier this year that he “hopes UFC President Dana White sees a fighter who is hard to take down and has a solid chin, precise kicks and a loaded right hand.”