​Percy Harvin To Be Traded From Vikings After Coach Meltdown​​

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February 11, 2021

The Minnesota Vikings is reportedly pursuing a trade for Percy Harvin after the wide receiver after meltdown directed at coach Leslie Frazier and staff.

As it turns out, he is also missing from the Vikings’ 2013 roster and promotional season poster. General manager Rick Spielman recently played it coy while hinting that there are aspects of the receiver’s behavior that aren’t easy to love.

Sources say that Spielman will indeed actively pursue a Harvin trade on the heels of a November meltdown directed at head coach Leslie Frazier. The incident happened in front of teammates, who didn’t take well to Harvin’s tirade just a couple of years after a similar blowup directed at former coach Brad Childress. It was also believed to be the real reason that Harvin was unexpectedly placed on injured reserve with an ankle ailment that didn’t require surgery.

While local beat writers have speculated that Harvin would go on the trade block this offseason, it’s worth noting that none has backed Max’s report of irreconcilable differences.

Any team dealing for Harvin will have to pony up for an extension, likely more than $10 million per season. Considering his baggage, an NFL personnel man estimated that Harvin would fetch just a second- or third-round pick in return.

There are rumors that the New England Patriots will go after Harvin, as head coach Bill Belichick “loves” the league’s premier slot receiver.