Plaxico Burress Technicality Overturns 125 MPH Speeding Ticket

By: , NewsOXY Reporter
11/06/2021 08:31 AM ET

Plaxico Burress beats a 125 mph speeding ticket the easy way, and it’s been the only recent stroke of luck for an athlete who had it all in his hands and threw it away with an insanely stupid move by shooting himself in the leg.

We bring up that story because everyone will always bring up that story until Burress cures cancer, walks on water or — heaven forbid — does something even dumber. And not so long ago, Burress gave the third option his best shot, driving a cool 125 mph in Broward County, Fla. That’s 70 mph over the posted speed limit, and that’s the kind of speed that draws notice from on high.

Notice, perhaps, but not an attention to detail. According to TMZ, Burress’ attorney noticed that the officer who caught Burress cited the incorrect law in writing the ticket. The officer corrected the error, but only after the fact. Free on a technicality, everyone!

See, this is a great deal for Plax, but a problem for the rest of us trying beat — er, take a closer look at — our speeding tickets. They’re going to pay a lot more attention to the bureaucratic details now, the same way they almost never put the wrong court date on there anymore. Alas.

In unrelated news, Burress remains unemployed. Though if an NFL team called him, he’d apparently be able to get into camp in a hurry.

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