Player Peyton Manning Autograph: Jamaal Charles Shows Respect

NFL Player Peyton Manning was asked by Jamaal Charles if he could have his autograph, even after the Denver Broncos beat the Kansas City Chiefs last Sunday.

When a local Kansas City news station caught and aired the video of Charles waiting outside the Bronco’s locker room waiting to get the autograph, he blamed his mother for making him do it.

“My mom wanted this autograph,” he told the KCTV station.

Then on Tuesday after apparently receiving some criticism for seeking the autograph, Charles addressed getting the signature again via his Twitter account.

“Thank for the support and relax on the P Manning story, just two warriors showing each other respect…”, he tweeted.

Charles was not the only Chief to be star struck by Manning. Star receiver Dwayne Bowe got his picture taken with the Bronco quarterback after the game.

“It’s Peyton Manning,” Bowe told KCTV. “Who wouldn’t want a picture with him?”

Bowe, who is also a free agent after the current season ends, was asked by the news station if he would like playing with Manning.

“That, too, but right now the best thing I have is a picture,” he said.

One former Chief player is not happy with the two current players acting giddy over an opponent. Former Chiefs player Rich Baldinger, who was in KCTV’s studio after the segment aired, said that during his 12-year career, never thought of asking for another players autograph.

“I don’t understand it at that moment,” he said. “They were smiling and laughing after the loss like that today. I just think it just goes to show what this team’s about. I don’t know if winning’s really that important.”

The Chiefs are currently in the midst of having one of their worst season’s ever with a league worst 1-10 record and lowest scoring offense.

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