​Player Skydiver: Field Taken By Skydiver Jump, Player Hurt​​

By: | 07/23/2013 02:37 PM ET

A baseball player was leveled by a skydiver who misjudged his landing on the field. The player was Mattingly Romanin, who was kicked in the face and known to the ground by the parachute.

Player Skydiver

Romanin, a shortstop for the Hannibal (Missouri) Cavemen of the summer Prospect League, was leveled by a skydiver who misjudged his landing on the field and took out the unsuspecting player in the process.

The clumsy aerial performer — one of three skydivers who were hired to deliver the first pitch prior to Saturday’s game against the Terre Haute Rex, according to KHQA.com — got up immediately without a scratch.

Romanin wasn’t so quick to recover.

The 5-10, 185-pound utility player was motionless on the ground as team doctors rushed to his aid. Footage from later in the night also showed Romanin sporting a fresh wound near his right eye.

But there were no serious injuries to report and Romanin eventually joked about the incident on Twitter.

“i feel like i got kicked in the face yesterday, oh wait….” he tweeted the next day.

Romanin’s overnight fame did come with a price, however.

“Now only if my oakleys had survived too.”