​Rasheed Wallace Detroit Pistons Coaching Staff​​

By: | 06/30/2013 10:46 AM ET

Rasheed Wallace is in talks to join the Detroit Pistons coaching staff under the new NBA head coach Maurice Cheeks. Wallace would have a lot to offer to a young team, and Detroit certainly fits that description as the new season approaches.

Rasheed Wallace Detroit

After he failed to get his foot right and contribute to the New York Knicks last season on the floor, he hung around the team as a mentor of sorts on the sidelines. It’s not surprising to see him flirting with a career in coaching, and it’s definitely not a shock to see it potentially happening in Detroit.

In all sincerity, Wallace would have a lot to offer to a young team, and the Pistons certainly fit that description. With a future built around Greg Monroe and

Andre Drummond, having a big man like Wallace could only help the team develop its most important players.

The NBA is a much more exciting place when Wallace is involved in some capacity, and seeing him tutor young big men like Monroe and Drummond would be a win-win situation for both parties.

If Wallace does indeed wind up on the Pistons bench, it will only be right if he yells “ball don’t lie” when the opposing team misses a free throw or two.

After all, that’s what we’d all expect from Wallace if he were still out on the court balling.

It would be like he never left, and in the end, our collective need for Wallace is one that just can’t be ignored.

Fans are not the only one rooting for this to happen.