​Rebecca Liddicoat Wears Custom Skins Heels​​

Rebecca Liddicoat cheered to give her husband, RG3, support by wearing custom skins heels on Monday night, but the Washington Redskins still lost to NFL East Rival Philadelphia Eagles, at Fed Ex Field.

Even though her husband was a bit rusty after a long and arduous recovery from a devastating knee injury suffered last season in the playoffs, Rebecca was dressed to the nines for her husband’s triumphant and speedy return to the field.

It’s hard to believe it, but her high heels boasted a definite Redskins theme, highlighted by “Hail to the Redskins” emblazoned upon her right stiletto. A killer look, probably custom. And definitely not a wedding gift.

Unfortunately, the heels will probably give more ammo to members of Congress, the commissioner of the National Football League, journalists, and D.C. Council members who have expressed pointed opinions about the Washington Redskins controversial nickname.

It’s an issue that will garner more attention should the team replicate its success from last season. However, the most famous person currently associated with the Redskins has remained conspicuously quiet, and that’s a shame.

Second-year Redskins quarterback RG3 is gifted on the field and charismatic off of it, which helps explain why his rookie jersey set the single-season sales record. Assuming he bounces back from a horrific knee injury, Griffin has the potential to become one of the most consequential athletes in America. So when he opens his mouth, people listen.

This time though, at least on this issue, he remains quiet.