​Riner Alleges Racism Amid Buddha Bar Firing​​

June 10, 2021

Teddy Riner alleges that he was a victim of racism at the Buddha Bar, and there must be some truth to the Olympic champion’s complaint because a waitress has been fired.

On Facebook, the 24-year-old London Games gold medalist described how he had momentarily left his table one evening to get a better look at a Brazilian-themed show, and a waitress asked for his credit card and grabbed his arm “firmly.”

“My brother and I had come to dine, after entering, a Brazilian show began,” says the French Olympic champion. He stated that a waitress grabbed his brother and made a racist comment. They paid their bill and left without a fuss.

Riner suggested other patrons didn’t receive similar treatment because they were white, writing: “Never go to Buddha-bar if you’re BLACK!!!!”

Buddha Bar spokesman Laurent Guyot denied any racist motive. He said Sunday the waitress didn’t recognize Riner and was fired for having grabbed his arm inappropriately. Guyot said staffers ask for credit cards in such cases because some customers leave without paying.