Rob Parker RGIII Suspension Over Bizarre Comments

Rob Parker is suspended by ESPN following his offensive comments about Redskins quarterback Robert Griffin III (RGIII) - another malodorous chapter of a rancid sports television program.

“Rob Parker has been suspended until further notice,” a network spokesman said. “We are conducting a full review.”

In a discussion of how Griffin views himself within the prism of race following this USA Today piece, Parker, a frequent First Take panelist and recently named as the co-host of a Saturday extension of that show, questioned the quarterback’s relationship with African-Americans.

“For me, personally, just me, this throws up a red flag, what I keep hearing,” Parker said on a Thursday show which aired on ESPN2. “And I don’t know who’s asking the questions, but we’ve heard a couple of times now of a black guy kind of distancing himself away from black people. …”

“But time and time we keep hearing this, so it just makes me wonder deeper about him. And I’ve talked to some people down in Washington, D.C., friends of mine, who are around and at some of the press conferences, people I’ve known for a long time. But my question, which is just a straight honest question. Is he a brother, or is he a cornball brother?”

Parker was then asked to explain what that meant, and he did so, poorly.

“Well, [that] he’s black, he kind of does his thing, but he’s not really down with the cause, he’s not one of us,” Parker said. “He’s kind of black, but he’s not really the guy you’d really want to hang out with, because he’s off to do something else.”

He was then interrupted by First Take host Cari Champion. Why is that your question, she asked.

“Well, because I want to find out about him,” Parker said. “I don’t know, because I keep hearing these things. We all know he has a white fiancee. There was all this talk about he’s a Republican, which, there’s no information [about that] at all. I’m just trying to dig deeper as to why he has an issue. Because we did find out with Tiger Woods, Tiger Woods was like I’ve got black skin but don’t call me black. So people got to wondering about Tiger Woods early on.”

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