​Rocco Mediate: Tiger Woods Didn’t Sign

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Aug. 5, 2014

Rocco Mediate says Tiger Woods wouldn’t sign his pin sheet from the 2008 U.S. Open when the two professional golfers went down a long stretch at Torrey Pines.

The two golfers were featured on the Golf Channel with host David Feherty, who has that unique ability to interview pros not just as famous athletes but as people.

The story turned to what happened after it was all over, and Mediate mentioned an envelope he left in Tiger’s locker at the ’09 Players Championship. The envelope included a photograph and a pin sheet from their battle at Torrey with a note asking for an autograph and a quote about what happened so he could frame it and put it on his wall.

Tiger simply autographed the picture, with no inscription, and left it for Mediate. What did Rocco do with it? He tossed it in the garbage, telling Feherty that he could simply buy something like that on the Internet if he wanted.

Mediate goes on to mention he’s a Tiger fan, but did say, “Why wouldn’t he … just mess with me, and sign my pin sheet, so I could put the damn thing on my wall and say, ‘I almost got the guy that day.’ ”

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