​Rodriguez Planning To Sue: Alex Rodriguez Claims Persecution​​

August 15, 2021

Alex Rodriguez is still swinging for the New York Yankees and is about to file a federal lawsuit against the MLB alleging that Commissioner Bud Selig persecuted him. Rodriguez has hired high-profile attorney Joe Tacopina.

The alleged claim that the pro baseball player and his handlers are expecting to take the suit federal was greeted with both skepticism and bemusement Wednesday by the owners at the quarterly meetings.

Rodriguez, who appealed the 211-game suspension MLB handed down on Aug. 5, plans to sue if the league doesn’t recant the entire penalty, according to a report on TMZ.com.

A-Rod’s appeal is scheduled to be heard by an arbitrator sometime this fall.

“I guess he’s chosen to ignore 100 years of history (in which federal judges have routinely dismissed lawsuits against baseball),” said one team exec.

“He’s suing us now?” said one owner, smiling. “That’s interesting. Good luck to him.”

Meanwhile, Yankee COO Lonn Trost reaffirmed that the team has merely informed A-Rod that he’ll be disciplined for violating the labor agreement after failing to inform the club, he was seeking a second opinion on his quad injury during his rehab a couple of weeks ago.

“I read where we fined him $150,000,” said Trost. “Nothing could be further from the truth. There’s been no determination made on what the discipline will be until after his suspension is resolved. We informed him of that.”

Tacopina is known as a strong cross examiner. That strength may be vital for Team A-Rod if they chose to attack the credibility of Tony Bosch, the founder of Biogenesis. Bosch is believed to have cut a deal with Major League baseball and is one of the key cogs in baseball’s case against Rodriguez, and the other 12 players suspended with ties to Biogenesis.