​Male Cheerleader Sacha Heppell Competes For Broncos Squad

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April 17, 2021

A male cheerleader made an attempt to become the first man to make an NFL cheerleading squad after attending the open auditions for the Denver Broncos.

21-year-old Sacha Heppell said that he decided to tryout because he wanted to, “prove to children that you can follow your dreams no matter what.”

On the blog site westwood.com Happell continued to say, “What drives me is that every child out there deserves a chance to be heard.”

There were 200 would-be cheerleaders that showed up for the opportunity to tryout for the squad, and Sacha was one of them, even know he did not have much dancing experience and listed on his resume that he was a professional sign-twirler on the side of the road for a business.

Before his spot in the tryouts he told CNN, “I’m going to try out to be the first male Broncos cheerleader. Ever. It’s huge. I’m excited, totally thrilled. No male has ever made it through auditions. I don’t even know if a male made it to the auditions.”

After the tryout Heppell admitted that he ‘messed up’ a little during his performance, which lead to him being cut from the auditions that selected 60 cheerleaders out of the 200.

The failure did not get Happell down however as he said on his blog, “You have people hurting others or being bullied or killing themselves, and I think this is kind of an example of what can happen if you just throw yourself in and don’t give up.”There wasn’t a single moment where I questioned anything. I walked in there a Broncos cheerleader.”

He also indicated that he would attend the open tryouts again next year.

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