Former WWE Wrestler Scott Hall Arrested For Abuse

The legal issues continue for troubled WWE former wrestler Scott Hall after being arrested for physically abusing his girlfriend.

A drunk Hall was arrested on Friday night in Chuluota, Florida after allegedly choking his girlfriend, Lisa Howell. Apparently, an argument took place outside Hall’s home when he reached in his girlfriend’s vehicle and grabbed her around the neck.

Hall has had a long documented drug an alcohol problem, in which as of late he was supposed to be getting help for, but the police report from Friday’s incident indicated that Hall was so intoxicated he could barely stand up.

Since being in the WWE, when he went by the name of Razor Ramon, the 53-year-old has been reported to have gone through rehab at least 10 times. Now many of his fans and friends believe there is no more helping him as he has decided to continue down a path of self-destruction.

Some of the demons causing Hall’s issues may be the fact that in a 2011 documentary he admitted to killing a man in 1983 outside of a nightclub in self-defense, when he wrestled a gun away from him and the gun discharged, killing the man. Though he was not convicted of murder Hall says the killing still affects him.

In the 90′s the now-defunct WCW wrestling organization was blamed by Hall’s ex-wife, Dana Lee Burgio for not helping Hall get rehabilitated when his drug and alcohol problems first became public, but instead used it in story lines to raise ratings. It is reported that a majority of Hall’s rehab stints since, have been paid for by the WWE.

For physically abusing his Howell, Friday Hall has been charged with domestic violence. Howell also indicated that Hall had been in the middle of a several day drinking binge.