​Sharapova Talks About Boyfriend’s Engagement​​

September 13, 2021

Maria Sharapova sat down with Larry King this week to confirm rumors of a possible engagement to her boyfriend, as well as the status of her shoulder bursitis. The tennis pro also discussed her quick split with coach Jimmy Connors.

The rumors about her boyfriend, Grigor Dimitrov, popped up over the weekend after she was spotted wearing a ring, but she’s not getting married anytime soon.

Sharapova put the rumors to bed. “No, I’m not getting married,” she told King, “Not that I know of!”

Sharapova also said that she is hoping to come back and compete at the WTA Tour Championships in Istanbul.

“That’s my goal. I really want to finish with that tournament this year. But I also want to heal my shoulder. It’s going to take as much time as it needs. Bursitis is a bit tricky because there’s not much you can do for it except wait for it to get better. I’m not a patient person so that makes it extremely difficult.”

Sharapova has been with Dimitrov for about four years after first going public. She is a few years younger than her husband.

Maria started October with a dissappointing early elimination from the China Open tournament, but she’s ending the month on a high point.