​Super Bowl Ring John Macaulay: NFL Ring Returned​​

By: | 06/30/2013 03:59 PM ET

The Mineta San Jose International Airport is no place to leave a Super Bowl Ring, but that’s what John Macaulay did. Apparently, Macaulay left his classic Super Bowl XIX ring on the sink counter and realized that it would be gone forever, until an honest person came forward.

Super Bowl Ring John Macaulay

The former 49ers center was lucky that Arra Daquina, who works at the Starbucks in Terminal B, found it and turned it into an airport volunteer who took it to lost and found.

Daquina told the Mercury News, “I didn’t know what it was, but it was big and heavy.”

After realizing he was missing his gold-and-diamond encrusted Super Bowl ring Macaulay came looking for it. Identifying the ring was easy as Macaulay’s name was engraved on the side of it.

According to reports, the former San Francisco 49ers offensive lineman was ‘in awe’ at how fast the ring was returned.

This has been no word of Macaulay, currently a doctor and tech professional, rewarding the Starbucks employee.