Tebow Gets Fined By Broncos, Teammates

Tebow Fined – Tim Tebow is in an awkward position after being fined by the same teammates that put him on the field, after buying a billboard to lobby himself as the Denver Broncos starting quarterback.

In recent weeks he went gone being the perfect teammate to throwing 4 interceptions and a team that feels betrayed by him. It all started when he didn’t want to talk about the billboard, which prompted suspicions that he had something to do with it. When the team found out, they were infuriated and fined him.

Rather than of being passive-aggressive, Brandy Quinn and Kyle Orton decided to punish Tebow financially.

The fining began just four days after the billboard appeared, according to Jeff Darlington of NFL Network. They felt justified in doing this because of his failure to speak in opposition of the sign.

His fellow quarterbacks wished he had shown some kind of disagreement with the billboard. In addition, they assumed that because he did not speak against it, he approved of it.

On September 15, 2011 the NFL player conveyed that he would have rather had the money spent on the billboard go to his charitable foundation.

A glance back at his amazing year:

1. The “Tim Tebow: Everything in Between,” documentary premiered and was released on DVD.

2. He became ESPN’s first quarterback to be featured in their “Year of the Quarterback” sequence.

3. It was announced that he would be on the cover of NCAA Football 11, for all three of the gaming platforms.

4. Next, became a spokesperson for FRS Health Energy, Nike, and Jockey International.

5. His autobiography Through My Eyes was released by Harper Collins publishing, later it became No. 22 on Amazon.com’s bestseller list.

6. Tim was featured on the cover of NFL’s official magazine, released in December.

There’s no doubt that Tebow’s rise to fame happened overnight, but he is still a good NFL player, that that does come with mistakes.