Tennis Referee Murder Charge Dropped in Los Angeles

The murder charges against high-ranking tennis referee Lois Goodman, for allegedly killing her husband, have been dropped.

On Friday, a judge dropped the case against the 70-year-old without prejudice. It is unknown if prosecutors plan to refile charges once they do more investigating.

After she left the courtroom, she insisted that she was innocent.

“I feel wonderful,” she said, standing in the rain outside the Van Nuys courthouse in Los Angeles. “I just feel I have been treated fairly now and it was just a tragic accident.”

In August, she was arrested for allegedly attacking and killing her husband at their Woodland Hills home. Goodman spent nearly two weeks in jail prior to being released on $500,000 bail.

Goodman insisted to authorities that she came home and found her husband bloodied and dead in their bed.

“I want to thank my family and my attorneys, my friends. Their support has been wonderful. And I want to thank the D.A.’s office for doing the right thing. I have always maintained my innocence,” Goodman said.

Defense attorney Alison Triessl declined to comment on the investigation.

“Today is not the day to assess any blame,” she said. “It is an amazing day for justice and Miss Goodman. She has gone through hell with this case. She has always maintained her innocence. We have always believed that she did not do it, and we have fought every day.”

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