​Tim Miles Bans Team: Nebraska Coach Time Miles Bans Players From Locker Room

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Feb, 23, 2015 | 12:14 PM

Tim Miles bans team from the Nebraska Cornhusker’s locker room after after losing to the Iowa Hawkeyes 74-46 at home on Sunday. Tim Miles also prohibited player interviews for this week in an awkward decision that’s making college basketball history, according to Sporting News. He seems to be the only coach that bans his team from the complex as well as the media, and the Nebraska coach had something to say.

“There will be chains on the doors locking it from the outside … until further notice.” He was then asked where the players should dress. “Good luck … They’re creative.”

The Huskers’ loss was their fifth straight, dropping them to 13-14 and 5-10 in Big Ten play, 8.5 games behind conference-leading Wisconsin. Nebraska trailed 42-16 at halftime and finished the game shooting 32.7 percent from the field and 11.1 percent from three-point range. Only two Huskers scored in double-figures — Terran Petteway had 16 points and Walter Pitchford had 10 — and no other player scored more than five.

Needless to say, this has the coach very upset. While he is facing scrutiny over his decision and behavior towards the players, some people say they could do better on the court. But not everyone is agreeing with the coach and some say he’s going too far to get his point across.

As Tim Miles bans his team, he did respond to the criticism. He stands by his decision and says the players disappointed him, reports MSN via AP. The coach said they gave up too easy on the court that gave Iowa the win.

“You never want to throw your players under the bus … But that was beyond disappointing. That’s not what we represent. … We quit easily today, and that’s a great disappointment.”

The coach told ESPN that he told his players not to do interviews with the media and that they will get their voices back when they earn it.

“If we’re not going to play with pride, play to represent our fan base and our university better than we did today, then they’ll get their voice back when they earn it.”

While Time Miles bans the team from interviews and the basketball facility, it will be interesting to see how this impacts their next game on Thursday at No. 24 Ohio State, notes ESPN. If the statistics are correct, the team should be able to win Ohio State. But under the treatment by the coach, the players might have a hard time feeling useful if they feel rejected by the university.

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