UFC and Fox Reach Seven-Year Deal

By: Cory Perrin
Published: Aug 19, 2021

The UFC, which has often been criticized, has signed with Fox and will broadcast fights almost every Friday night.

Dana White, UFC president, states, “This is what I always wanted, what I always thought was the pinnacle for us. This partnership is going to take this sport to the next level. Those people that thought I was a lunatic, saying this was going to be the biggest sport in the world, this is the next step.” He has been striving for a sports contract since starting with the company.

White has been trying to set up deals with mainstream networks. Finally, Fox has agreed to allow him to control production, something that has continually stopped White from signing. Now that the deal has been made many are expecting UFC to get even bigger and for White to make even more money, but White say, “nobody gets rich doing a TV deal except the NFL. However, if we do things the right way, it should be huge for us, for the fighters, for Fox, for everybody.”

Hopefully now the sport will get the attention it deserves and people will stop criticizing, stating it’s a bunch of mindless testosterone-filled guys swinging blows. FX Executive Vice President Chuck Saftler is hope for the same thing. He said in a statement, “There’s a great intelligence to the fighters, how they have to adapt and adjust and train. This isn’t just dumbed-down punching. This is really a sport with well-conditioned athletes who have to put great study into their opponents. This is both brain and brawn working in the octagon.”

Fox will hope to boost their ratings more and attract a new line-up of UFC viewers. The newest season of the revamped ‘Ultimate Fight’ is set to air next spring, with the prime-time fights starting to air November 12th. Details of the first fight have not been mentioned.

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