​War Machine Apologizes Tweet: Former Fighter ‘Rape’ Tweet​​

August 12, 2021 | 10:22 pm

War Machine, the Bellator welterweight contender, apologizes for a tweet where he mentioned that he just raped his girlfriend, Christy Mack. The Machine fighter, whose real name is Jonathan Koppenhaver, said she made him wait.

He then followed up later with a post saying that “Real men rape.” If you’ve followed the athlete on twitter, you know this is exactly the sort of thing he does all the time. He’s incredibly wreckless with what he writes.

It was over two hours before War Machine made any sort of attempt to apologize himself.

“I tweeted something earlier that was stupid, insensitive and wrong. Rape is never something to joke about ever. I sincerely apologize,” he wrote.

The fighter’s girlfriend also stepped in, in his defense admitting that Koppenhaver at times said “stupid things.”

Most people don’t believe the apology was sincere. The biggest tip off is that the original tweet is still on his time line, as are his excuses that it was taken out of context. Pr experts say this is a case of a fighter desperately hoping that an apology will be enough to avoid facing any sort of repercussions from his promotion.

Koppenhaver has legal troubles in the past, mostly stemming from physical altercations. In 2010 he was arrested under suspicion of assault with a deadly weapon. He was also arrested a year before that for pushing a bar owner and destroying several glasses in the bar. He also allegedly pushed a woman on his way out the door.