​WrestleMania Burns Wrestling Veteran With Smoking Entrance (Photo)​​

By: | 04/10/2021 08:51 PM ET

WrestleMania left Triple H with a 2nd degree burn after being blasted by dry ice to his torso and arm. The burns occurred as the wrestler walked through a special effects machine made for his grand entrance.

WrestleMania Burns

Triple H’s body is scarred from the dry ice that stuck to his body, and he showed just how tough he is by ignoring the pain.

People had been speculating about a white substance on him during his entrance.

He responded Tuesday by tweeting a photo of his stomach showing 2nd degree burns.

It turns out that the substance was dry ice. Triple H says that he has burns on hit torso and arms.

It’s unclear how the what caused the dry ice equipment to malfunction.