​WWE Trainer Resigns Amid Bully Allegations

Author: Michael StevensBy:
Staff Reporter
Mar. 9, 2015

WWE trainer resigns from his post amid new allegations of bullying and negligence from people who worked with him. Bill DeMott denies the allegations and said his decision to step down was to avoid embarrassment or damage to the league, according to the Washington Post. However, others say he used his position to belittle people with offensive language.

“I deny the recent allegations made about me, however, to avoid any embarrassment or damage to the WWE, I’ve decided to step down from my role effective immediately.”

As the WWE trainer resigns, people have come forward with new information. Former developmental talent named Austin Matelson stated on a radio interview that DeMott constantly used offensive language to break people down. Matelson reported the incident to three executives in March 2013.

In the email, Matelson voiced “a number of serious concerns” about the way DeMott carried himself and acted during his time with the company, according to Deadspin.

While the WWE trainer resigns, people speculate that the league may have completed an internal investigation. Then an official response was made by the WWE regarding the allegations against DeMott on Tuesday, saying the company took the allegations seriously, “conducted a full investigation and was unable to validate the claims. Regardless, WWE continues to reinforce policies and procedures to ensure a positive training environment.”

DeMott made the decision to resign from the company two days after that statement was released. He’s been working in the business since 1995, when he debuted in WCW. The 48-year-old moved to WWE in 2001, after WCW was bought by Vince McMahon and remained there until 2007.

After a four-year hiatus, DeMott returned in 2011 to work on the revived WWE Tough Enough series and had been working with development talents since 2012 before resigning.

DeMott had gained a reputation for being a bully during a previous stint as head trainer when WWE used Ohio Valley Wrestling as its training center. In fact, he was fired in 2007 for similar reasons. He was, somewhat mysteriously, rehired by WWE in 2011 when it launched a new season of “Tough Enough” on USA Network. He was took over as trainer for NXT (formerly Florida Championship Wrestling) in 2012.

Cameras were installed in the training center in 2013, and they now record everything that happens there 24 hours a day, notes Philadelphia Daily News. Most people suspect the cameras were installed in case of potential lawsuits.

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