9-11 Plane Landing Gear 9-11 Plane Landing Gear Belongs To World Trade Center Jet

A surveyor working at the 9-11 site stumbled upon something that resembled a plane part with the word “Boeing” on it, which just happens to be part of the landing gear when the jet flew into the World Trade Center. [...]

Debris Part Of 911 Plane Debris Part Of 911 Plane Landing Gear Found At Site

A piece of airplane debris was found near the World Trade Center site is believed to be part of the landing gear from 911, which broke off when the plane hit the tower in 2001. Police confirmed that it was found [...]

American Pie Actor 911 American Pie Actor Calls 911 On Woman In House

American Pie actor Eddie Kaye Thomas was forced to call 911 when a houseguest pulled out a knife. Thomas told police that Roxanna Bear made threats to him and then barricaded herself in his Los Angeles home. The 31-year-old woman, [...]

Sharon Osbourne 911 Sharon Osbourne 911 Over Candle Fire As Ozzy Yells

Sharon Osbourne’s 911 tape is being re-examined by the media, just one day after Ozzy announced he was abusing drugs and alcohol for the past 18 months. The English television host placed the 911 call for help on January 17 [...]

911 Call For Divorce 911 Call For Divorce: “Can you make my husband leave?”

A 911 call was used for a divorce by a Pennsylvania woman who wanted police to get her husband out of their home. The 42-year-old was later cited for disorderly conduct. “I need a divorce, can you make my husband [...]

Sifting Of WTC Debris Sifting Of WTC Debris In Searching For Unidentified Remains

Families of the victims of 9/11 are wary of new efforts by the New York City medical examiner’s office to sift through more rubble seeking unidentified remains. New York City medical examiners are renewing efforts of sifting through WTC debris [...]

Nurse Refuses CPR Nurse Refuses CPR During 911 Call

A nurse employed at a central California retirement home refuses to give a resident CPR and her management is standing behind her because of the company’s policy. When an elderly woman collapsed, she was barely breathing, but the nurse immediately [...]

Man Calls 911 For Cheeseburger Man Calls 911 For Cheeseburger Food Delivery Repeatedly

An Indiana man was so hungry that he calls 911 thinking it was a nationwide food delivery service. Gregory Jackson Sr., 52, was starving enough to have repeated conversations by the dispatcher, who asked him not to dial again. But [...]

dad-carves-pentagram-on-son Dad Carves Pentagram On Son’s Back With Box Cutter

A Texas dad carves a pentagram into the back of his 6-year-old son to mark 12-12-12, telling Austin police that he did it because “it’s a holy day.” Police said that Richmond Hills resident Brent Troy Bartel called 911 just [...]

Simon Cowell Hostage 911 Prank Simon Cowell Hostage 911 Prank: Female Caller Said He Was Duct Taped

Simon Cowell, music mogul and “X-Factor” judge, was the victim of a 911 prank when someone called the police to report he had been taken hostage this past weekend. According to TMZ, on Sunday an unknown female caller to 911 [...]