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Android - The latest Android News and updates. Listed below are news articles written by Pat Prescott and other professional journalists.

Carrier IQ Catches Android Users Keystrokes

Carrier Iq - Have you heard that every text message, every e-mail, every phone number, every keystroke made on a Google Android phone may be secretly recorded, logged and sent to your cellular provider by a tracking service called Carrier IQ? No? That’s a surprise, because it’s a scandal that’s been brewing for several weeks, [...]

Android And Apple 71 Percent Of Smartphone Marketshare

Android And Apple 71 Percent - The number of consumers who own a smartphone is rising steadily, and according to Nielsen. In fact, it seems that the Apple iPhone and Android-based smartphones are the top choices for people. Nielsen said that the two platforms make up 71 percent of the American cell phone market. About [...]

Android Problems With Malware Increases By 472%

Android Malware - Android is a target for malware authors and it’s so bad that Google is trying to stop it. The problems for the mobile operating system has increased by 472%, as its volume is quintupling since July, according to Juniper Networks. The rash of infected apps aimed at Android owners shows no sign [...]

Facebook Launches Messenger App For iPhone and Android Smartphones

Facebook launches a new messenger app for the Apple iPhone and Google Android platforms. The new stand alone messaging service is called “Messenger” and available on the Web. The development of the app has been headed up by the founding team of Beluga, a group text messaging service acquired by Facebook in March. Andrew Bosworth, [...]

FDA To Regulate iPhone and Android Medical Apps

FDA Medical Apps. The FDA is considering the new rules for certain medical apps for smart phones. With the rise of the iPhone, Android and other mobile devices, a flood of mobile applications have entered the market designed to help people stay healthy. Industry analysts estimate there are already more than 17,000 medical applications available, [...]

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