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Apple WWDC Apple WWDC Unveils Valuable Privacy Tools In iOS 10

Apple’s WWDC keynote unveiled some new fancy products arriving with iOS 10, most of features are touting differential privacy, a statistical method that’s become a valuable tool for protecting user data. The details of the system are complicated (there’s a […]

Verizon $20 Upgrade Fee Verizon $20 Upgrade Fee: Carrier Announces Upgrade To Payment Plans, Apple iPhone Purchase

A Verizon $20 upgrade fee will begin April 4 and applied every time a customer wants a new phone, even if customers buy the phone outright, or sign up for the carrier’s device payment plans or purchase the phone through […]

Bill Gates On Steve Jobs: Microsoft Interview Turns Apple

While CBS’s Charlie Rose spent the majority of his talk with Bill Gates discussing his charitable work curing diseases and making toilets, the “60 Minutes” segment on Sunday eventually turned to the Microsoft co-founder’s tumultuous relationship with that other great […]

Apple: $100 Billion Goes To Shareholders

Apple plans to pay $100 billion to buy back shares and increase its dividend. Investors have seen Apple’s stock plunge be nearly 50 percent in recent months. Although the announcement was intended to send a signal of how strongly executives […]

New iPad Leaked Photos Appear To Be Apple-Ready Units

There are leaked photos of a new Apple iPad published by a French website, which could be shipping in November 2013. It’s worth nothing that nothing has been confirmed by Apple. If the photo from the French tech site is […]

Apple CEO China Apology For Controversy Over Warranty Policies

Apple CEO TIm Cook has issued an apology to its customers in China that addresses the growing controversy over the company’s warranty policies there. The apology was posted of company’s website on Monday and discusses changes to offer better customer […]

Carly Foulkes T-Mobile Girl Out From iPhone 5 Ad

T-Mobile girl Carly Foulkes will not be in the upcoming commercials advertising the Apple iPhone, but could still be in commercials for other phones such as the Samsung Galaxy S4 or LG Optimus G Pro. The company announced their plans […]

Apple Shares Fall After Holiday Profits Warning

Apple shares have fallen as low as $591 during last week’s session but recovered some losses to close at $604. It marks the first time Apple’s stock has fell below $600 after it warned that costs of making new products […]