Arizona News Articles

New Arias Trial Delay: Arias Attorneys Gather Witnesses

The new Jodi Arias trial may have a delay of one year as her attorneys need more time to gather witnesses. Arias was found guilty of the first degree murder of ex-boyfriend Travis Alexander. Arias killed Alexander on June 4, […]

Sober Man Wrongfully Charged With DUI

A sober man receives a DUI charge from Arizona police. Retired firefighter Jessie Thornton was stopped by police, and arrested for driving under the influence. The 64-year-old works out, and runs his errands at night in order to stay on […]

5 Skeletal Remains In Arizona Are Homicide Victims

5 people whose skeletal remains were found in Arizona are thought to have been homicide victims from Mexico who were shot or beaten to death. The skeletal remains were discovered by Border Patrol agents a week ago. They were partly […]

4 Mid-Air Plane Crash Die In Arizona, FAA Investgating

4 passengers were killed in Arizona during a mid-air plane crash earlier in the day, each of the single engine aircrafts were carrying two passengers. The collision occurred at around 10 a.m., over 67th Avenue and New River Road in […]

Pioneer Hotel Fire Case Frees Innocent Man After 42 Years

A fire at the Pioneer International Hotel that killed 29 people in 1970 has kept Louis Cuen Taylor behind bars after being convicted 40 years ago on a crime he didn’t commit. Taylor walked out of prison hours after agreeing […]

Navy SEAL Accident Ariz. During Special Parachute Exercise

Brett D. Shadle always had wanted to be a member of the Navy’s most elite special forces unit. A year after enlisting, he made it happen and went on to become a highly decorated member of the Navy’s famed SEAL […]

Teen Accidentally Kills Brother While Posting Facebook Photos

An Arizona teen accidentally shoots and kills her brother while playing with a gun as she posed for photos to post on her Facebook page. On New Years Eve, Manuel Ortiz, 22, was fatally shot as he and his 19-year-old […]