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Georgia Players Arrested Georgia Players Arrested After Firing Daisy BB Gun In Dorm Room, Booked Weapons Charges

Georgia players arrested on weapon charges. Cornerback Chad Clay and defensive lineman Julian Rochester are charged with having a weapon in a school zone. They were booked into jail shortly after midnight Tuesday on a $2,000 bond, according to the […]

Psychiatrist Arrested Psychiatrist Arrested In Georgia For Running Pill Mill Causing 36 Deaths To Patients As Federal Agents Raid Dr. Narendra Nagareddy’s Office

A psychiatrist arrested for running a pill mill has been charged with 36 deaths. The Georgia psychiatrist, Dr Narendra Nagareddy, was taken into custody after DEA agents raided his office near Atlanta on Thursday, according to WAFB. Nagareddy is accused […]

Randy Quaid Randy Quaid Jailed In Northeast For ‘Fugitives From Justice’ Charges

Randy Quaid and his wife were arrested as “fugitives from justice” Friday night at the border between Vermont and Canada, apparently attempting to leave Canada days before Quaid’s deportation back to the United States, CNN confirmed. U.S. Customs and Border […]

Queen Of Ivory Captured, Faces 30 Years In Prison For Elephant Poaching In Tanzania

The Queen of Ivory has been arrested in Tanzania by the country’s National and Transnational Serious Crimes Investigation Unit. Police took an important step this week to combat the ivory trade and save the African elephant, according to CNN. Authorities […]

Simi Valley Elementary Teacher Arrested For Sex With Student

A former Simi Valley elementary school teacher has been arrested on suspicion of having a sexual relationship with a child under 14 years old. She has denied the allegations. Malia Brooks, 32, who worked as a sixth-grade teacher at Garden […]

Man Arrested For Revealing Real $50 Bill After Using Black Light

A man was arrested in Tennessee for using a real $50 bill after a store clerk used the black light method to check it for counterfeit. Officer Brock Horner arrested Lorenzo Gaspar and took him to jail for the supposed […]

Edward Furlong Arrested For Girlfriend Altercation

Edward Furlong was arrested again soon an early release from a six month sentence. The Terminator 2 star was picked up after allegedly having an altercation with his former girlfriend, which violated his probation. Deputies from the West Hollywood Sheriffs […]

Colorado QB Arrested On Second Degree-Assault

A University of Colorado quarterback was arrested while out with Alexander Lewis, who was a lineman until Friday, when he announced he was leaving for Nebraska. Jordan Webb and Alexander Lewis are facing assault charges after witnesses said another man was knocked […]

Man Arrested Pressure Cooker In Luggage On Amsterdam Flight To Detroit

A man was arrested in Detroit for packing a pressure cooker in his luggage when he left Amsterdam. Hussain al-Khawahir was then charged with making a false statement about why he brought a pressure cooker with him on a flight […]

Runaway Mom Arrested For Stealing Woman’s Identity

The runaway mom who left her family in Pennsylvania back in 2002 and spent part of her time hiding out in the Bay Area was arrested again on Friday night, just weeks after being released from jail. Brenda Heist was […]