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Dinosaur Decline Dinosaur Decline: Species Extinct Before Chicxulub Asteroid Hit Yucatan Peninsula

A dinosaur decline was already a problem on the planet long before an asteroid smashed into the Yucatan Peninsula, scientists suggest. The Chicxulub asteroid caused cataclysmic climate change that marked the end of the Cretaceous period, and killed off some […]

Dinosaur-Killing Asteroid Dinosaur-Killing Asteroid: Researchers Begin Expedition That Hit 66 Millions Years Ago

The dinosaur-killing asteroid that caused a huge crater on Earth 66 million years ago is about to go through a drilling expedition. Scientists are putting the final touches to plans for an expedition to the Chicxulub crater in Mexico at […]

Halloween Asteroid Halloween Asteroid 2015 TB145 Prompts NASA To Release Statement

A Halloween asteroid 2015 TB145 comes as a surprise as it makes its way near Earth. It popped up on NASA’s radar on October 10 during a survey by Pan-STARRS (Panoramic Survey Telescope & Rapid Response System), according to FOX […]

California Fireball Flash Seen Over Sky In San Francisco

California residents report a fireball in the sky over San Francisco, which astronomers describe as a sporadic meteor that has no connection to the asteroid that landed in Russia. The fireball was first reported by witnesses who say they saw […]

Asteroid Passing Earth Caught By NASA, Amazing Approach

A large asteroid, known as 2012 DA14, was captured by NASA while passing Earth at a distance of just 17,200 miles, the closest ever predicted for an object of that size. In fact, it passed far closer even than the […]

Asteroid Close Shave: Earth Ready For 2012 DA14 Flyby

An asteroid is set to give Earth a close shave this month as it passes closer than typical satellites when it moves by. NASA scientists say asteroid 2012 DA14 won’t hit our planet on Feb. 15 as it passes within […]

Asteroid To Miss Earth In 2040 NASA Projection

A large asteroid, known as 2011 AG5 and big enough to release 100 megatons of energy, will miss Earth in 2040 after NASA narrowed down it’s cone of uncertainty, revealing that it’s no longer a threat to mankind. Astronomers took […]