Ban News Articles

FAA Electronics Ban For Low Altitudes On Planes

The FAA said it is expected to review personal electronics in an effort to relax the ban on use at low altitudes and on runways, as the result of a study groups’ review of the agency’s policies. Fliers, long frustrated […]

Restaurant Tip Ban Amid Salary Paid Waiters

Restaurant patrons at Sushi Yasuda in New York City are confused about a new tip ban because the employees are now on salary with paid vacation and sick leave. The high-end establishment only seats 45 guests and the chef’s menu […]

Starbucks Smoking Ban Policy Expands To 25 Feet

Starbucks has always had a policy against people who smoke, but now all customers will have to extinguish their cigarettes farther away before approaching the cafe. The Seattle-based chain says it will start the new policy, which has been extended […]

Milwaukee Bra Ban Lifted After Dubbed ‘Fire Hazard’

A Milwaukee bowling alley that has dozens of bras hanging from it’s bar ceiling were part of a ban by the city inspector because of a fire hazard. Holler House owner Marcy Skowronski said she and some of her friends […]

Zero Dark Thirty Ban Fuels ‘Torture’ Controversy

Zero Dark Thirty is about the CIA’s hunt for Osama bin Laden, but now the film faces a ban after it has sparked controversy about its portrayal of the United States. In fact, the movie will likely not be shown […]

Assault Weapons Ban Goes To Congress With Added Confusion

An assault weapons ban has confused at least one former FBI agent and gun experts as the proposed measure goes to Congress for review. The proposal doesn’t seem to please most Gun Control supporters or the National Rifle Association. One […]

Welfare Lottery Ban System Targets The Poor

Welfare users in North Carolina might face a lottery ban if a state lawmaker gets his way because he says the system targets the poor who don’t understand the odds of winning a jackpot. Welfare participants are part of a […]

China Alcohol Ban Hurts Distillers In Communist Party

Communist Party chief Xi Jinping’s most recent China anti-corruption tactic of placing an alcohol ban on military banquets has hurt distillers in the country. The Communist Party is putting changes in place, even though they do not take control until […]

Amsterdam Pot Ban In Schools Under Netherlands Policy

In a city were prostitution is legal in some area’s and marijuana is allowed in small amounts, the mayor of Amsterdam is considering a ban of pot in schools. Technically, marijuana is illegal in Amsterdam despite the popular belief. However, […]