Beverly Hills

Willis $22 Million Mansion Bruce Willis Beverly Hills $22M Mansion For Sale

Bruce Willis has put his Beverly Hills mansion on the market at $22 million. When you need a change, you need a change, we guess. His 11-bedroom, 11-bathroom Beverly Hills estate sits on almost a full acre of land. Built […]

10 Priciest Zip Codes 10 Priciest Zip Codes List In United States

10 Priciest Zip Codes List - There are zip codes for the rich and the poor, but the priciest one that makes our top 10 is behind a hit TV show in California. Yes, 90210 is the richest place to […]

Bonds Selling Mansion Barry Bonds Selling Mansion For After Full Renovation

Barry Bonds is attempting to sell his Beverly Hills mansion for $25 million, following a renovation project that took 10 years to complete. The former San Francisco Giants outfielder purchased this Beverly Park area home in 2002 for $8.7 million. […]

PSY Buys Condo PSY Buys L.A. Condo For All His ‘Gangnam Style’ Ladies

PSY proves that he may not really have all that anti-American sentiment after buying a condo for $1.25 million in Beverly Hills, which is the beginning of a new lavish lifestyle. The purchase means PSY will be spending a lot […]