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Clinton Obama Legacy Clinton’s Obama Legacy Comment Offends Democrats In Washington State - Quote Was About Republicans

Bill Clinton’s Obama legacy comment offended voters for all the wrong reasons. Most people thought he was talking about the current administration while the former President was was urging people to vote for his wife Hillary. It was a comment […]

Monica Lewinsky, Bill Clinton Portrait Becomes Metaphor Of Lewinsky’s Blue Dress

Lewinsky Clinton Portrait - So famous that a blue dress is seen in the shadow of a very popular collection. A Monica Lewinsky and President Bill Clinton portrait is part of the National Portrait Gallery collection in symbolism. Lewinsky, Clinton’s […]

George W. Bush Tears Up During Presidential Library Dedication

George W. Bush shed some sentimental tears as Barack Obama mused about the burdens of the office, and we have Bill Clinton dishing out wisecracks and jokes. Jimmy Carter and George H.W. Bush chimed in, too, on a rare day […]