Best Man Fatally Stabs Bride Amid Questions About Finances

Best man, Jonathan Broyhill, fatally stabs the bride, Jamie Hahn, possibly because she was asking questions about his handling of campaign finances. The bride died early Wednesday from wounds sustained when police say Broyhill stabbed Hahn and her husband, Nation, […]

Bride Reporter Quake: Nuptials Shaken During Wedding

A bride, who is a TV reporter in China, was about to get married when a 7.0 magnitude quake interrupted her nuptials. Though many brides might consider a natural disaster of that size a bad omen, Chen Ying, didn’t waste […]

Jilted Husband Sues Bride For Quitting Wedding Engagements

A jilted husband wannabe sues his bride after she broke off their engagement twice in two years. He says she should pay back her share of rent and the deposit he put down for their wedding. In the lawsuit, filed […]