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California ICBM Test California ICBM Test: American Military Flexes Nuclear Muscle In Minuteman III Demonstration

A California ICBM test involving the U.S. military was fired and landed at a target site later that day. The unarmed Minuteman III missile roared out of a silo at Vandenberg Air Force Base in California late at night, raced […]

California Condor Milestone California Condor Milestone: North America’s Biggest Bird Set To Return To Wild For First Time In Years

A California condor milestone is about to help North America’s largest bird return to the wild. It’s from a condor breeding program by the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service that’s been going on for decades, according to WSB-TV Atlanta. Officials […]

Calif Cliff Collapse Calif Cliff Collapse: Residents Find Backdoors To Apartments Falling Into Sea

A Calif. cliff is near collapse as many residents in Pacifica are being forced to leave their homes. The cliff side residents found the ground outside their backdoors falling into the sea, and the city has declared a state of […]

Seal On Highway Seal On Highway 37 Creates Standoff With Authorities Near North Bay In California

A seal on Highway 37 created a 26-hour North Bay standoff when the wayward elephant caused a traffic mess. The seal tried to cross the busy California highway after it emerged from the water, according to Newsday. The seal was […]

Calif. Homes Sinking In Lakeside Subdivision

Calif. homes in Lakeside Heights are sinking 10-12 feet and residents blame everything from a faulty fire hydrant to a nearby dormant volcano, but the problem has officials stunned. It all started when some cracks began to snake across their […]

Simpson: Ozzy House Sold To Jessica For $11.5 Million

Jessica Simpson has another child on the way and decided to upgrade her living quarters by purchasing Ozzy Osbourne’s house, a place where most celebrities call Hidden Hills, California. With one child growing up fast, it appears that Simpson wanted […]

Space Mountain Closed At Disneyland For Safety Violation

Space Mountain and two other rides were closed at Disneyland Resort in Santa Ana, California, last weekend for a safety protocol review, which was prompted after citations were given by the park by state regulators. The citations were received Friday […]

Coast Guard Says Missing Sailboat Sinking May Be Hoax

The California Coast Guard has released the audio distress call from a sailboat that was sinking in hopes of identifying the voice. However, they have now suspended the search of the four people after receiving tips that it was a […]

California Fireball Flash Seen Over Sky In San Francisco

California residents report a fireball in the sky over San Francisco, which astronomers describe as a sporadic meteor that has no connection to the asteroid that landed in Russia. The fireball was first reported by witnesses who say they saw […]

California School Shooting Leaves One Critical In Hospital

A 16-year-old student at a California High School allegedly had a hit list before going on a shooting rampage, but was talked out of following through with the list after he shot his first victim. The shooter claims that his […]