Cancer News Articles

Cancer's Achilles Heel Cancer’s Achilles Heel Study Unveils Effective Personalized Treatment To Begin Testing In Two Years

Cancer’s Achilles heel is a new method developed by researchers to design an effective personalized treatment. The cancer study was published on March 3 in the journal Science, which explains that researchers hope to test it in two years’ time, […]

Cancer Treatment Vaccine Cancer Treatment Vaccine: Immune Cells To Boost Body’s Defenses Against Cancer Breakthrough

A new cancer treatment vaccine that remembers the disease and acts like a watchman to prevent it ever returning is being developed by scientists, according to Tech Times. Researchers are engineering a vaccine of immune cells so that they not […]

Janet Jackson Cancer Janet Jackson Cancer: Jackson Denies Cancer Reports After Postponing Concert Dates After Illness

Janet Jackson’s cancer rumors swirled online about her health on the heels of the singer canceling several concert dates due to illness. Jackson released a statement denying the health concerts, but didn’t elaborate on her condition, saying, “There will be […]

Joey Feek Joey Feek Still Unable To ‘Get Out Of Bed’ As Cancer Condition Worsens, Family Remains Optimistic

Joey Feek can no longer get out of bed as her cancer has progressed to a point that a morphine drip keeps her comfortable. Rory Feek says there are still hospice visits a couple of times a week to check […]

Phil Lesh Phil Lesh Reveals Bladder Cancer, Diagnosed At Mayo Clinic

Phil Lesh, who was bassist for the rock band Grateful Dead, canceled two concerts after revealing he has bladder cancer. In a letter to fans posted Friday on the Facebook page for Terrapin Crossroads, his restaurant and concert venue in […]

Portland Timbers Make A Wish Foundation Helps Cancer Victim

The Portland Timbers teamed up with the “Make A Wish” foundation to grant an 8-year-old boy diagnosed with cancer his wish. Atticus Lane-Dupre, diagnosed with cancer last fall wanted his club, The Green Machine, to scrimmage against the professional soccer […]

Woman Faked Cancer To Feed Heroin Habit In Long Island

A Long Island woman, Brittany Ozarowski, faked having cancer with at least 25 donation jars at various restaurants in order to fraud people out of money to feed her heroin addiction. Ozarowski, 21, pleaded not guilty to 24 counts of […]

Karen Black Cancer Fundraiser Pays For Treatment

Karen Black, who has been battling cancer for over two years, has turned to a public fundraiser to pay for an experimental treatment in Europe that could extend her life. The 73-year-old, Oscar-nominated as supporting actress in 1970’s “Five Easy […]

Jerry Buss Cancer: Los Angeles Lakers Owner In Hospital

Jerry Buss, the owner of the Los Angeles Lakers, has an undisclosed form of cancer and has been admitted to the hospital, even though he’s been in the facility for a few months after his family kept it confidential. A […]

Ann Rabson Dies After Long Cancer Battle In Virginia

Ann Rabson, co-founder of the trio Saffire - The Uppity Blues Women, dies after a battle with cancer in Virginia at the age of 67. A barrelhouse blues pianist, she was also a songwriter and guitarist. Rabson recorded eight albums […]